Monsieur Big lashes by Lancome

You guys know about Influenster by now… Right?

Come on! This is one of several posts I’ve made about them! It’s the great makeup review site that occasionally send me rad freebies to try out and report back on. I had a couple that were kind of duds, but its almost always a great product. And it’s always a blast to find out!

For the last month I have been able to try out a new mascara by Lancome. I Love mascara, because I love lashes… But I don’t wear falsies. I mean, I’ve warned false lashes a number of times before. I just don’t want a daily basis. And I’m on a quest to find the best makeup for the everyday woman.

Until trying this, my absolute favorite mascara has been the tarte cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. So I really felt like Lancome had a lot to live up to.

After a month of trying them, I can completely say that The Monsieur Big mascara is truly fantastic. Right now, we are in the middle of a sweltering humid Southern summer. And the Lancome mascara lived up to its 24-hour promise, even in this heat.

I used the complimentary Cils Booster XL to prime my lashes… Now, to be honest, I’ve done the 24 hour test three times – but always WITH the lash primer. I need to repeat it without the primer, to see how the mascara stands alone. Hmmmm….

Every test produced GORGEOUS lashes even a whole day later, after heat and sleep. Woohoo. The photos say it all.

Twenty-four hours – and not a single smidge or flake. PERFECTION. Are we kidding?! How does it hold up so well?!

My only wish is that Lancome had this mascara smell like their Hypnose mascara (which smells gorgeously like honey). Other than, I love it.

I still haven’t figured out which I prefer between Monsieur Big and Lights, Camera, Lashes. I think I’ll wear one eye of each for a week before I report back.

What’s the mascara of your heart? Or do you rock the falsies?

xoxoxo, Ashley Sue

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