TRESemme wants you to #ReverseYourRoutine

The TRESemme Reverse Conditioner and Shampoo kind of shocked me. Influenster sent it to me to review, and I was not at all expecting something that you use conditioner first and shampoo last! In 36 years, I had never heard of doing that!


Tresemme snap


I opened the conditioner, and it has that special salon smell… you know what I’m talking about! It also has that special salon feel. I feel like I am getting a real treat. The conditioner step is so good, and my words fail the yumminess of the feeling!


I then couldn’t wait to use the shampoo! Unfortunately, I realized it smells just like drugstore variety shampoos. Pretty, but really common and nothing special. I was sad I was using it second and would probably lose the salon smell.


Now, to dry and style my hair. I don’t use much product, and specifically haven’t been using any during testing this TRESemme. My hair is above my shoulders, and pretty thick, so I have decent volume usually. Indeed, this gave me volume and did not weigh down my hair. My hair was not as tangle-free as with other shampoos/conditioners, BUT, I have to say that it felt cleaner without that slick buildup from other brands. And it dried really soft and fluffy feeling!


Big hair is sexy hair. Closer to God, Sweetheart.


THE BIG PERK IS, my hair still smells like that special salon vibe all day! I get whiffs of it all day long, which is awesome! I was sure the shampoo somehow washed out the conditioner scent, but nope!


I’m really happy with it. I never used TRESemme until Influenster sent me this free set for review, but I buy it now. I have wondered if I could reverse other brands’ conditioner and shampoo with the same results or if this is specially formulated… but I haven’t tested that theory yet. Besides, why would I give up that salon experience!?


It doesn’t work for everyone, as no hair care does, but I recommend giving it a try! #ReverseYourRoutine!

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