Ralph Lauren’s Tender Romance, for your everyday Romance

“Tender Romance” smells pretty much like heaven, actually.

Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren is slightly floral, a touch of sweetness, and completely airy like summer.

When Influenster let me know I was in this campaign to try a new fragrance for review, I was nervous.

Completely nervous!

I haven’t been crazy for a scent since CK One (every college girl of 1999’s favorite) other than Betsey Johnson’s Too Pretty (which I pretty well love). I have also deeply enjoyed a Dior scent, as well as a Dolce and Gabbana, but…

My husband tends to be super sensitive to fragrances. That is, he’s sensitive, unless that scent is food… or nature (he’s pretty into our vegetable garden).

Instead of fulfilling my nervous paranoia, I received this gorgeous fragrance, and I’ve been wearing it ever since.


It reminds me a bit of the peonies growing by our front door, and how delicate but memorably they greet me each day. It has me dreaming of summer days at the lake, coming soon.

My favorite scents are amber and vanilla. This fragrance is a little more girly than I normally sport, but then again, so is Too Pretty…

so maybe I’m girlier than I thought!

This Ralph Lauren and Influenster box for the win! #candygirlgang

Thank you for the indulgent gift for review, Influenster!
And, yeah, all opinions ARE my own. Trust me – I’m not afraid to say if something isn’t cool. I like free stuff, but I’m not a sellout. 🙂
#TruthInAdvertising #WOM

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