Formula X System XCEL gives you a Gel Mani at Home

So, I got to participate in another Influenster campaign!  Yay me!

This time, I got to try the Formula X System XCEL.  They sent me the four-bottle set complimentary and gave me about a month to try it out.

Now, I don’t know if you have seen my polish collection.

It. is. ABSURD.

Sure, sure.  Whatever.  Many women have more polishes, but few can compete with how awesome a polish collection is.

My collection is incredibly picky, and consist primarily of Orly, a brand a trust with their quality, colors, and ingredients.  I supplement with China Glaze, which I trust none, but they do have the bomb glitter options I rely on for more ridiculously festive occasions.  I also have several Butter London polishes in the mix because they are decadent.  Mmmm yum… Butter.

Back to Formula X.

I heard hype, and the bottles look so pretty and swank when I opened them!  UNFORTUNATELY, the Delete All system polish remove had leaked tremendously during shipment, which rendered the pretty box and packaging indiscernable and destroyed – and even dissolved two of the plastic caps on the polishes!  My word!  EEKS!

I wasn’t off to a great start, and frankly, using it was no joy either.

Guess what?  Despite all my complaints – which were frequent and furious (spoiled, entitled first-world brat! My free polishes aren’t to my liking!), I love Formula X System XCEL.

Let me repeat:


HOW is that possible?!

Let me explain.

Let me think back to the last time I had a manicure that lasted longer than two days…

It was… no, wait.  OH!  It was… ermm… noooo…

That’s right – HIGH SCHOOL!  Nearly 20 years ago!

I am an artist, and I paint, I pick, I type, I dig, I create, I wire, I thread, I scratch – all with my fingernails.

I have not had painted nails last two entires days without chipping in NEARLY 20 YEARS!  I’ve tried lots of brands’ base coats and top coats, never with any difference.

Ugh.  I had given up completely.

Then, THIS.  Nine days – NINE DAYS after using this, I do not have a single chip in any of my nails, and I WISH you saw how absolutely brutal I’ve been with them!  I have literally scratched and scraped dry paint off of walls, floors, and stencils this week (it’s why my nails stay short and my cuticles always look like fried butt).


Yet, I’ve felt so fancy and pretty FOR NEARLY TWO WEEKS because my nails look FLY!  And all that thickness I complained about in the polish apparently self-levels while it’s drying, which gives it that fancy gel manicure look!

So, grumble grumpy wah,

I’m a believer.  A #SystemAddict, if you will.  And I give you two very prettily painted thumbs up to recommend this polish system.  (If it had sucked, I’d be giving the company two very different fingers up.)

Have you tried it?  Is there a brand or system you live by?  And don’t bother to answer unless you, too, are brutal on those hands!

~ Ashley Sue

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