A Certain Award Show and The Question No One Is Asking

Without naming the award show everyone has talked about this week or the woman of the moment, I have to add these questions to the conversation:

1.  As feminists, how do we define what woman we revere for her sexual empowerment and what woman we will annihilate as trash for her self-exploitation?

2.  Is the male performer equally to blame for agreeing to participate in the routine?  Or are they both basically trained monkeys?  “Dance!  Dance and earn us ratings!”

Regardless of the answer to either (because there is no answer), I constantly question how we as women look at each other.

How we support each other.

How we denigrate each other.

Fine lines play between accepting a woman’s sexuality as charming and expelling a woman’s sexuality as “gross”.  Why do we find some women beautiful and other disturbing?  Is it in their physical attributes?  Is it because she simply sells it better, therefore convincing us we are smart to enjoy the peep show?

So many of us support Beyonce’s mastery of openly and forcefully shaking her crotch.

So many of us loved the Samantha Jones character on Sex and the City for her unapologetic self-exploitation, to the point where we happily turned our eyes away from the truth that her character was so often looking for validation (Kim Cattrall rocked at showing Samantha’s emptiness after quite a few of her conquests).

When do we stop cheering for a woman and start calling her trash?

When do we stop calling a woman trash and start praying for her because we feel compassion for her instead?

No answers.  Just questions.


~ Ashley Sue

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