Monsieur Big lashes by Lancome

You guys know about Influenster by now… Right? Come on! This is one of several posts I’ve made about them! It’s the great makeup review site that occasionally send me rad freebies to try out and report back on. I had a couple that were kind of duds, but its almost always a great product….

Formula X System XCEL gives you a Gel Mani at Home

So, I got to participate in another Influenster campaign!  Yay me! This time, I got to try the Formula X System XCEL.  They sent me the four-bottle set complimentary and gave me about a month to try it out. Now, I don’t know if you have seen my polish collection. It. is. ABSURD. Sure, sure….

WHY can’t I just have my dinner.

The meeting is about to start.  I just get Grandma and myself inside, after having run from the last meeting, just before the gavel sounds.  To my delight, the meeting has, I guess, about 100 attendees.  Maybe more! To my chagrin, I see once we walk in, several people have saved a place for Grandma and me…

TRESemme wants you to #ReverseYourRoutine

The TRESemme Reverse Conditioner and Shampoo kind of shocked me. Influenster sent it to me to review, and I was not at all expecting something that you use conditioner first and shampoo last! In 36 years, I had never heard of doing that!     I opened the conditioner, and it has that special salon…

Ralph Lauren’s Tender Romance, for your everyday Romance

“Tender Romance” smells pretty much like heaven, actually. Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren is slightly floral, a touch of sweetness, and completely airy like summer. When Influenster let me know I was in this campaign to try a new fragrance for review, I was nervous. Completely nervous! I haven’t been crazy for a scent since…

Inspiration | 14 April 2015 | reflecting light

I wrote the pain down, got off and looked up Looked into your eyes The lost open windows, all around My dark heart lit up the skies Give up the ground under your feet Hold on to nothing for good Turn and run at the mean times, chasing you Stand alone and misunderstood And now…

Inspiration | 29 Oct 2013 | we all have wings

Don’t ask me what you know is true Don’t have to tell you, I love your precious heart I, I was standing, you were there Two worlds collided and they could never tear us apart I told you that we could fly, ’cause we all have wings but some of us don’t know why (inxs)

Inspiration | 24 Oct 2013 | unwreck me

I put you high up in the sky And now, you’re not coming down It slowly turned, you let me burn And now, we’re ashes on the ground Don’t you ever say I just walked away I will always want you I can’t live a lie, running for my life I will always want you…


I know I do not want too much from this life. Some days, however, I feel that I simply want all the wrong things. ?

A Certain Award Show and The Question No One Is Asking

Without naming the award show everyone has talked about this week or the woman of the moment, I have to add these questions to the conversation: 1.  As feminists, how do we define what woman we revere for her sexual empowerment and what woman we will annihilate as trash for her self-exploitation? 2.  Is the…